Helping You Recover Excess Payments From Employees

When a worker is injured on the job in California, they will receive workers' compensation payments to help them deal with expenses that they incur while treating their injuries. In some situations, the workers end up receiving funds that are in excess of what they should have received, and the employers will have to take steps in order to recover the extra payments.

At the Law Offices of Louis B. Papell, we are focused on helping employers deal with the issues that accompany workers' compensation claims, including subrogation matters. We know how to review these cases to determine the amount of compensation provided to injured workers, and are aggressive when trying to collect the money that should be returned to your business.

Claim reimbursement cases are often extremely complex, because you will be attempting to obtain the funds that you are owed from the injured workers, not insurance companies. These individuals are often very reluctant to return any of the compensation, and they can make it difficult for you and your business to recover the funds that you are entitled to receive.

Our attorneys immediately attempt to negotiate a reasonable resolution to these claims in order to close these matters as soon as possible. We will be able to present you with an overview of what is happening in your case, and discuss the best possible options to find a quick resolution to your case.

Many of these disputes end up needing to be litigated because the parties are unable to come to an agreement. We are confident that we will be able to present a clear picture of the issues in your case, and demonstrate that you are entitled to recover money from the injured worker.

15 Years Of Experience Dealing With Subrogation Issues

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