Protecting Against Serious And Willful Misconduct Claims

Many California companies have been accused of serious and willful misconduct after an employee has been injured in an on-the-job accident. This means that the company was alleged to have engaged in activities that increased the potential risk of injury to employees. The companies may have been failing to follow specific safety directives or had other conduct that could be deemed detrimental to the health of its employees.

These allegations are potentially damaging to employers, because if it is determined that serious and willful misconduct occurred, there will be a 50 percent increase in the compensation that they will be ordered to pay to the employee. This money will come directly out of the employer's pocket, as workers' compensation insurance companies do not cover these types of claims.

At the Law Offices of Louis B. Papell, we understand the serious nature of serious and willful misconduct claims to employers. We have 15 years of experience helping businesses defend themselves against these claims.

Our founding attorney, Louis B. Papell, understands the interplay between workers' comp and serious and willful misconduct claims. He will review your case to determine your potential liability, and then pursue a solution that limits the amount of compensation that your business will have to pay.

We have helped businesses of all sizes with serious and willful misconduct matters, because we know that the impact these claims have on your bottom line. Whether you have hundreds of employees or are a small business with a limited number of workers on staff, these cases need to be resolved as quickly as possible so you can focus on your day-to-day operations.

We Can Help You Find Solutions

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