Arbitration Of Workers' Comp Claims

Some of your employees may have worked for multiple employers before coming to work at your business. You may know about their day-to-day responsibilities at their previous positions, but have little knowledge about any injuries that they may have sustained at these workplaces.

When a California worker suffers an injury that occurs over time, it may be possible that the prior employers and their insurers should also be held responsible for the workers' compensation payments being made to the employee. Often, these insurers and businesses will be extremely reluctant to admit their role in the injury or condition, and they will refuse to contribute to the expenses.

At the Law Offices of Louis B. Papell, we have helped many companies pursue resolutions in these cases. Our founding attorney, Louis B. Papell, has 15 years of experience dealing with issues connected to the defense of employer rights in workers' compensation matters.

Because the clients in these cases are other businesses and insurance companies, they may be receptive to finding a solution that does not involve litigation. Many of these end up going to arbitration, where both sides are able to present their concerns to a neutral third party who will issue a decision on the case.

We have handled many workers' compensation payment arbitrations, and we are confident that we will be able to demonstrate your concerns to the arbitrator. We understand the significant matters that will need to be addressed in order to get other companies and insurers to share in the workers' compensation costs.

We Can Help You Hold Other Employers And Their Insurers Responsible For Their Actions

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